At Moonridge Academy, our goal is to help families succeed by providing the tools they need. One of the most essential tools we offer is education and training to help parents and their teens find healthier ways to communicate and interact with one another.

More than a school, we focus on teens' mental health and wellness through many means. One of which is to include their families in their health and wellness. We do this by helping families find stronger connections, better bonds, and a greater sense of understanding for one another.

Our family involvement program is designed to help parents become more effective communicators, set appropriate limits, and build positive relationships with their teens. We also provide support to families as their teens transition back home.

Parent Seminar Schedule

Parent Assignments

Determined by your therapist as part of the Personal Greatness Program.

Family Therapy Sessions

Scheduled weekly throughout your teen's stay at Moonridge, these sessions provide an opportunity for parents and their teen to work on issues together with the guidance of a therapist.

Social Phone Calls

We believe it is critical for families to communicate with one another, and we encourage you and your teen to talk while they're away. This includes Calls, Facetime, Zoom, and Emails. These are scheduled twice weekly.

Parent Education Webinars

Provided three times per month to all parents. These webinars taught by clinical and academic staff provide important training and education. In addition, parents can also view recorded webinars on the CERTS Parent Education Channel. These are scheduled three times a month and are available to all parents.

Parent Seminars

You and your teen will have a chance to interact with therapists, teachers, and adventure program personnel during the first two days of Parent Seminars. Then, on day three, an outdoor excursion provides opportunities for parent-teen interactions and some fun in nature!

Parent Seminar is a time to play with your teen and participate in parent coaching, support groups, recreational activities, family therapy, and fun.

The first two days will include comprehensive on-campus workshops with your teen, as well as interacting with therapists, teachers, and other program personnel. The third day is an adventure day for both of you!

This is all about spending time together doing fun things like hiking Zion National Park (in July), caving at Grand Canyon State Park, or just getting cozy around a campfire while telling stories about the good things happening in your lives.

Historically these are scheduled in February, May, July, and October. The July seminar is for the entire family so that siblings and other extended family members can enjoy the fun. In addition, once per year, the Parent Seminar is held at Zion National Park.

On-Campus and Area Visits

Individual parent visits are not only allowed but encouraged throughout a teen's stay at Moonridge Academy. Visits can occur both on and off campus. These visits are arranged with each student's therapist and our Operations DirectorOnce a student settles in at Moonridge Academy, parents start to have visits. On-Campus, area visits, and overnight visits occur during the first part of a student's stay. First visits are generally on-campus visits. Students and parents can then experience visits in the area and overnight visits in the area.

Home visits

These occur during the second part of a student's stay at Moonridge. Home visits are an excellent way for a girl and her parents to practice new skills before a girl comes home at the end of her stay.

Parents have frequently expressed to us their surprise (and delight) at the personal growth and change they have experienced in themselves and their teen. Parents are excited when they start to have fun with their teens. Significantly, these new parenting skills play a major role in allowing a student to sustain their change when they return home.