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Moonridge Academy, a small Residential Treatment Center of 24 students, provides a specialized unique learning and healing environment for younger teens ages 11-15.  Students who come to Moonridge Academy are often beginning to experiment with high risk behaviors. These behaviors might include school refusal, self-harm, eating disorders, withdrawing from others, angry outbursts, poor peer and family relationships, and low-level substance abuse. In other instances, a student may not yet have begun these activities, but because of depression, anxiety, trauma, or low self-esteem is at a high risk to do so.  Moonridge Academy uses a variety of therapeutic modalities including play therapy, sand tray therapy, EMDR, Equine Therapy and DBT skills to meet the clinical needs of our younger students.  Moonridge  Academy prides itself on being a safe and validating home, happy to work with transgender students and gender exploring teens.  We respect a student's choice of preferred pronouns.   Adventure Therapy is a big part of what we do at Moonridge!  Students and their therapists together hike, camp, ski and mountain bike in the beauty of southern Utah. Our academic program provides our students with traditional classroom instruction in small classes of 2-4 students.  This allows for individualized attention for students who are either gifted or for those students in need of specialized education (IEP) or 504 plan supports.   

Come experience the fun and healing at Moonridge Academy!

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Please contact our Admissions Team at 435-900-2115 to begin the steps to admission.  You can reach our Admissions Director at admissions@moonridgeacademy.com