My concerns that my daughter was not motivated, confident, or optimistic about her future and her self-harm led us to this program. The changes that she feels and the self-knowledge that she now has are very exciting for us both. I truly believe that this experience and the lessons my daughter has learned not only saved her life but also taught her skills and insights that will help her to lead a happier and more productive life. I can't imagine a better program for my daughter and our family- her future is open to great possibilities. I have not felt that way in a long time."

--K.F., California

Our daughter is doing so well at home after completing the program at Moonridge. She is still the same girl she was, a teenager with life challenges, but she has shown an integrity and sweetness that I had forgotten she possessed. I am indebted to Moonridge Academy and the staff there for giving me an opportunity to know my child and with the possibility of seeing her grow up into the amazing adult that I know she can be."

--Y. W., Florida

It took my child about 3 months after arriving at Moonridge to really let the Moonridge team know her true self before she could begin her recovery. As she worked through the stages of the program, I watched as she went through a transformation of self. The teen who had entered Moonridge with so many bad feelings about her self had grown more confident, actually liked her physical appearance and was more comfortable with her being. It was remarkable!

I must say, as with all girls of the ages of 13 - 18, we still have moments of teenage angst. However, my daughter now has the skills to work through these times with a much healthier outcome than prior to her attending Moonridge Academy. 

 C.M., Pennsylvania

"We appreciated the fact that we were required to work too. It was made very clear to us from the beginning that what we were involved with at Moonridge was a family program, not a "send the girl away to get fixed" program. While the stage work is incredibly time consuming, it is also very valuable to ensure that the three of us learned together and stayed on the same page. As the three of us progressed in the program, my wife and I came to realize that we needed to change certain parenting approaches and methods we were using. We experienced many ups and downs, starts, stops and stalls during our daughter's Moonridge experience, but the resulting change in our family made it all worthwhile."

R. and V. M., California