John has been working with adolescents in wilderness and residential settings for the past seven years.  Originally from New Jersey, John made his way out to southern Utah in 2017 to pursue a career in wilderness therapy.  After working as a field guide for two years, John knew that working with these students was something that he wanted to devote more time and energy into.  He decided to become a teacher and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Secondary Education from Western Governors University.  

John chose mathematics education because he sees Math as an excellent tool to use in supporting students to develop self efficacy, self confidence, and frustration tolerance.  John consistently learns just as much as he teaches and truly enjoys working with students.  He finds inspiration in the challenges that students face, and the way that they respond to those challenges.  

Outside of school and work, John enjoys spending time with his family, spending time in nature, and playing and performing music.  He’s been playing the saxophone for over 13 years and loves that he has found a hobby that keeps him learning all the time.