Equine Therapy

Therapists and the Equine Director at Moonridge Academy are trained and certified as Equine Assisted Counselors. Each girl participates in Equine Therapy groups and in individual Equine Therapy sessions.  Girls learn to build trust and confidence with these incredibly intuitive animals.  Horses give a completely honest reflection of what's happening internally with a girl.  Therapists use the relationship between the girl and the horse to gather immediate feedback on emotional stability, levels of confidence, trust and team-building.  Horses will often mirror a young teenage girls' emotions.  Our girls quickly recognize themselves in the horses and become very committed to not only helping the horse, but also working through their own issues.  Laughter tends to be the norm as girls are working through challenges equine friends!

In addition to Equine Therapy, students also receive weekly horseback riding instruction.  These weekly classes last 2 hours. Students are taught the hunter/jumper style of horseback riding.  Many of the students choose to compete at local horse shows, which generally occur on a monthly basis May-October.