Welcome to Moonridge Academy

Moonridge Academy provides a specialized, unique learning and healing environment for younger girls ages 11-15 that are beginning to experiment with high risk behaviors. These behaviors might include self mutilation (often "cutting"), eating disorders, school refusal, peer problems, anger and defiance, sexually acting out, or low level drug or alcohol abuse. In other instances, a girl may not yet have begun these activities, but because of depression or anxiety/self-esteem issues, is a very high risk to do so.

Moonridge Academy believes that younger girls should be treated in a loving and nurturing setting that recongizes the unique age and maturity level of girls this age.  As a result, Moonridge offers all of the clinical intensity of an outstanding  residential treatment center (small clinical case loads, 2 individual therapy sessions weekly, weekly family therapy sessions via the telephone, deep family systems work, etc.) that many struggling girls need without forcing parents to expose their daughters to "older girl" issues.  The result is a unique and acclaimed treatment approach that effectively treats significant issues while still maintaining a comparatively sheltered enviroment in a place that "feels like home."  

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