The Life of a Student at Moonridge Academy

 "Busy" and "structured" are two words that seem to best describe life at Moonridge Academy.

A typical weekday is as follows: students arise early (6:30 AM), do chores, have breakfast, and get ready for a day of school.  School starts at 8:00 AM and lasts until 1:30 PM. Following lunch, students may participate in individual therapy, family therapy, homework, equine therapy, or experiential activities interspersed with an afternoon group therapy session.  After dinner, students may do homework, have free time or complete their stage work. The evening provides time to clean up, read, write in journals and share with the other students, prior to going to bed (9:45 PM).  Each evening before bedtime, girls participate in a goal setting group with their mentor staff.    

Every Wednesday, the daily schedule is replaced with a half to full day adventure activity that might include an outdoor therapeutic trip to one of the local national parks, hiking in local canyons, or other highly therapeutic, age-appropriate activities chosen for their ability to reach younger teens and cause inner change. Other Wednesdays might include Equine Therapy and horseback riding or an academic field trip.  Students often describe these excursions as their favorite experiences at Moonridge Academy.

Even weekends are busy with service projects, working with animals, special classes, in-town events and personal time.  Once per month girls are on a 3 day adventure trip.  Past trips have included whitewater rafting on the Colorado River, hiking in the Grand Canyon and skiing/snowboarding at a local ski resort.