Stages of Change

The Moonridge Academy Personal Greatness Program is a unique, self-paced journey of self-discovery.  We want our students to learn that they all have greatness within them.  The Personal Greatness Program is designed to help a student discover their own unique talents and abilities.  Using a stage system, it introduces certain basic principles of life to your teen in a sequential format. This gives us the opportunity to observe, allowing each student to receive extra attention from staff.  As a student begins to understand and live according to the principles of one stage, they earn the right to move to the next stage where they are exposed to another set of principles and privileges.  At each level, a student has a series of requirements that are individually tailored for their specific needs by their therapist and the treatment team.  Each requirement helps a student learn more about themselves and reinforces the specific principles they are being taught on that stage.  There is no set time period for how long a student should be on a stage.  Because of this individualized program a student might spend more time on some stages and less on others. 


Six Stages of the Moonridge Academy Personal Greatness Program:

  1. SAFETY/ORIENTATION:  Students learn the Moonridge rules and expectations.
  2. DISCOVERY:  Students learn their impact on others while discovering coping skills.
  3. ACCEPTANCE:  Student learn to accept their mistakes, forgive themselves and others.
  4. PRACTICE/COMMITMENT:  Students practice skills learned, to improve relationships and communication.
  5. BREAKTHROUGH:  Students learn self-evaluation and responsibility.  
  6. INDEPENDENCE:  Students show that they are able to be independent and demonstrate leadership skills.