Moonridge Academy recognizes the need and responsibility to conduct appropriate research to ensure that our students are receivng the best possible treatment.  We are interested to see if the treatment each student receives while at Moonridge Academy has a lasting effect on their lives once they complete our program and return home.  With that in mind, Moonridge Academy is proud to be a designated research based program through NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs). Currently we are actively participating in the NATSAP Outcome Research Project.   As part of this project, we ask students and parents to complete the Youth Outcome Questionnaire.  The Youth Outcome Questionnaire was developed at Brigham Young University.  It has been utilized by residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools and wildnerness programs for over a decade.  This tool uses a series of questions to measure the effectiveness of therapeutic treatment.  Questions include information about a teen's decision making skills, interpersonal relationships, clinical issues, emotional regulation and mental health history. We ask both parents and their daughters to complete this questionnaire upon admission to Moonridge.  We then ask you both to complete the same questionnaire upon discharge, again at 6 months post graduation and again at 12 months post graduation.  We then ask parents and students to continue with the questionnaire up to 5 years post graduation.    

Our Parent/Consumer Satisfaction Survey was developed to help us determine how our parents feel about the services they receive while their daughter is at Moonridge Academy.  This questionnaire includes questions ranging from how a parent feels their daughter is responding to clinical interventions to how they feel the food is at Moonridge Academy.  Since we at Moonridge Academy are deeply committed to families having a positive experience, we take the information from this survey seriously.  We use the results to improve the services we provide to girls and their parents.