Moonridge Academy News

Moonridge Academy's Equine Program consists of both Equine Therapy and horseback riding instruction.  On a weekly basis and up to 2 hours per week, the students at Moonridge Academy are learning to ride.  They are instructed mainly in the hunter/jumper or English style of riding.  They also learn some aspects of western riding as well.  Many of the students have very limited horseback riding experience prior to admitting to Moonridge Academy.  Soon after admission, our Equine Director Anndi Condor completes an evaluation to determine a student's riding ability and to place the student in a horseback riding class. First students learn to take care of a horse, saddle a horse and harness a horse.  Students then learn the fundamentals of horseback riding before advancing to more advanced skills such as jumping. As they advance in the horseback riding program, many of our students compete in local horseshows.  Our students do quite well in these shows earning ribbons and trophies.  Students finds a sense of accomplishment as they compete.  

Students at Moonridge also participate in Equine Therapy.  All of the therapists at Moonridge Academy are certified Equine Assisted Counselors.  Equine therapy helps the students learn to manage their emotions and communicate more effectively. Horses are sensitive to our emotions and will generally only respond when we are calm ourselves.  Students often see the parallels between their own lives and situations as they work with the horses.  Most of the students participate in Equine Therapy twice per month.