The Role of Parents: Key to Long Term Success

At Moonridge Academy, emphasis is placed on helping the family system by providing the family with the tools they need to make the successful transition home. Because most of our parents are unwittingly locked into an unhealthy dance step of control battles and manipulation with their daughters prior to admission, proper training and education to help parents break out of this pattern is a key factor for long-term success.

Parents are involved in five ways:

  • Weekly parent reading assignments and homework as part of the Personal Greatness Program
  • Participation in weekly family therapy sessions (via Skype, Facetime or telephone)
  • Participation in weekly social phone calls with their daughter
  • Participation in Parent Seminars that are held on campus every quarter. Parent Seminars include family therapy and group therapy sessions, experiential activities, parent support groups, and outdoor adventure activities that target improved parent/child conflict resolution and communication.
  • Home visits with their daugther during the second part of their stay at Moonridge.  Home visits are an excellent way for a girl and her parents to practice new skills before a girl comes home at the end of her stay.  

Parents have frequently expressed to us their surprise (and delight) at the personal growth and change that they have experienced in themselves as well as in their daughter.  Parents are excited when they start to have fun with their daughters. Significantly, these new parenting skills play a major role in allowing a girl to sustain her change when she returns home in the future.